A brief history

Catedra MF_1895The Department of Family Medicine was founded in 1998 according to the Decision of the Government of Republic of Moldova No. 668 from 17.07.1997 “In regard to approval of the Concept for Health Care System Reform in the Republic of Moldova in new economic conditions for the years 1997-2003” and the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health No. 200 of 19.08.1997 “In regard of Primary Health Care Reform in the Republic of Moldova”. Initially the Department was given the name of The Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care (DGP and PHC) within the Faculty for Continuing Medical Education for Physicians and fulfilled the functions of a methodological center for training of the family physicians. The DGP and PHC were established under the Department of Internal Medicine no. 2 and included the following courses: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Family Medicine. Since January 2002 the DGP and PHC was reorganized into the Family Medicine Department based on the accreditation of the medical specialties and unification of the nomenclature of the university subdivisions. Professor Bivol, MD, PhD was the Head of the Department since its foundation until the spring of 2014. Currently Head of Department of Family Medicine is PhD in medical sciences, Professor Gennady Curocichin.The Family Medicine Department educates the 5th year students of the Faculty of Medicine no.1 and no. 2; the 6th year students of the Public Health Faculty; the first, second and third year residents from the Family Medicine specialty, as well as the family physicians from Republic of Moldova through continuing medical education.